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In Memoriam

Patricia Helliwell

Founding Member and Coordinator, 1994-2006

We will miss you dearly.


"In a contemplative fashion, 

 And a tranquil frame of mind, 

 Free from every kind of passion, 

 Some solution let us find.

 Let us grasp the situation, 

 Solve the complicated plot-

 Quiet, calm deliberation

 Disentangles every knot."

  The Gondoliers, W.S Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

Peter O'Brien

Level One Teacher, 2001-2010


Peter O’Brien was the first Level 1 teacher for Hants Learning Network Association, working from 2001 until his sudden death on May 28, 2010. A dedicated teacher, Peter touched the lives of all who knew him. He loved to tell stories and jokes and he especially liked to tease students and other teachers. Peter was a great friend to all and we miss him very much. 

  - adapted from student tributes

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